60" x 60" Satin Overlays

Satin Overlays – Create Vibrant Table Setting

Enhance the essence of your event with a touch of sophistication and elegance with our premium quality collection of satin overlays. Extremely easy to maintain and perfect to transform your table into an impressive centerpiece, these satin overlays are 100% Polyester Seamless, with serged edges. The glitter and splendor of satin with our overlays will help you create a beautiful setting for your wedding or any other event.
The satin overlays are available in square forms, in 60 x 60 inch. Created through fine craftsmanship, these overlays are available in a wide range of colors, suitable to correspond to any venue and event theme. Easy to maintain, these overlays can be paired with any textured or solid fabric to give a consistent finish to your setting. Available at wholesale prices with complete satisfaction guarantee.